Google+ for Business is Here!!!!

google-plus-+-amy-hall-internet-marketing-specialistOh I am soooo excited!!! Goggle+ business pages are now available. I just built my page! Internet Marketing Specialist on G+

I need to insert a disclaimer here… I’m a Google lover. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Google! I use Google Apps for my business. The apps I use include, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Calendar. These all sync with my iPhone… LOVE it!! I even use apps within Google Apps. On my Gmail, I use a social media app, Rapporative, Active InBox to help keep the mounds of email under control, WiseStamp to add a social media presence to my email signature, and Insightly CRM to help me with my client data base. On my Google Calendar, I host my clients marketing calendars. I use Google Docs to ‘network’ all my documents so my clients, and I can view and update the same document. So you can see I utilize Google Business Application extensively, and I’m just a novice. I usually fall in love with just about anything that Google does.

I’ve seen first hand the wonderfulness of Google+. Before there was even a G+ and before I had my own website, if I Googled my name, Amy Hall I was nowhere to be found. Even though I had been on Facebook for years. After G+, but before I put up my website, I Googled my name and I came up on page 1 #4 search spot. Amazing! From nowhere to #4 almost overnight! All because I completely filled out my G+ profile.

Google didn’t build G+ because they want to be the next Facebook. Google wants to sell ads, that’s the main reason they built Google+. (Selling ads is Google’s job. Their search engine is the forum on which they sell those ads.) The more demographic details they have about you and your friends, the more they’ll target an ad that you or your friends will click on. The more you click on their ads, the more $$ they make. (Facebook is brilliant at highly targeted ads! Right now they’re the best ROI for your marketing dollar.)

In the future, the Google +1 button to show up everywhere! It’s important that your clients +1 you in G+, on the Google search engine, on your site and on your posts. It’s telling Google the person clicking the +1 button thinks this profile/site/post is important, and everyone should hear about it. Google will share that +1’d post or site with your friends and neighbors in your area. The more +1’s you’re likely to show up higher in the search engines. +1’s have been built into Google’s search algorithm and are being utilized to impact your search results and the search results of your friends and neighbors.

Now think of what this could do for your business…

Each post you write for your business G+ page can be +1’d. The +1 button is tied directly to Google search. Google is testing, searching G+ businesses directly from the Google Search Engine.

You can easily segment your “list” (circles) and send out posts and information only to a certain list. Similar to a segmented email list.

You can speak face to face with potential clients and vendors directly in Google+. It’s call a “Hang Out”. Do a mini seminar about your product or service in a hang out. There’s no fee to use this service, attendees just need to have a Google+ account.

Use G+ to build back links to your site. G+ has a page rank of 8 out of 10. Linking your website to a high PR ranked site will help improve the authority of your site. Because your tied to a high PR site, search engines will view your site as more credible.

You’ve had your website for awhile, and it’s doing well, but it could always do better. Adding Google+ and linking to your website will help.

See my Google+ business profile

Do you need help to create your profile and business page? Need help using the right keywords for your business in your Google+ profile? Amy Hall, Website Virtual Assistant, and Internet Marketing Specialist can help you build a keyword rich, robust Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Give me a call at (619) 770-7716.

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