WordPress: To Tag or Not To Tag … There Is No Question – TAG!

In the course of my day, I usually get a call from someone that wants help with their WordPress website/blog. More often than not, they ask me why they aren’t getting enough traffic to their site.

Tag your WordPress website blog.

Tags give you extra SEO juice!

When I get into the dashboard of their site one of the first things I check for is tags on the blog posts. About 80% of the time I see no tags. So I let them know they can easily add tags into each post, and this will help people find their site.

So what are tags and why are they so important? Tags = Keywords. When one writes a post, if the post is about the same subject as their website, (i.e.| I’m a WordPress assistant and this post is about WordPress.) then keywords should show up naturally in the flow of writing. (My keywords for this post are WordPress, keywords, & tags.)

Tags are keywords that aren’t included in the post, but are important enough that you want to include them, but they might not work into the natural flow of the post. (For this post, my tags will be WordPress assistant, help with my WordPress website blog, how do I get more traffic to my WordPress website blog, how to use keywords, how to use tags.)

As you can see these keywords don’t really work in the content of the post, but they are something that people would put into the Google search bar. I use the tag option, usually located on the right side of the post dashboard to add these keywords as tags.

Even though people can’t see the tags I’ve added to my post, Google can. Google thinks they are very special and gives them the same weight as all the content on the page.

Now I have 8 keyword phrases, not just the 3 I wrote into the post, to draw people into my post and to my website. Hopefully the people that read this post will like what I have to say and become a client of mine.

In my opinion tags are the second most important thing on a blog page … The first most important being the actual content. (Don’t forget a catchy, keyword rich title too!).

Your new mantra … tag, tag, tag.

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