Why Doesn’t My Post Show Up on Facebook? or Edgerank and Other Mysteries


What the heck is Facebook edgerank anyway?!?

Having a Facebook page to interact with fans and customers is a great way to get your message out there, stay relevant in the web-based social community world we live in today, and get more people aware of you. But maybe it’s not working out as well as you thought it would. You haven’t noticed any growing interest, and only about 15-20% of your fans are seeing your posts. Before you blame Facebook’s new Timeline, you need to understand Edgerank.

Edgerank is the algorithm that determines what the users will see in their newsfeed. It’s calculated by three things: affinity, weight, and time decay. In non-tech geek terms, its how often fans interact with your page (affinity), the number of shares, likes and comments (weight), and how old a post is (time decay).

Keep this in mind when trying to figure your Facebook Fanpage Edgerank …

  1. Different things you post on your page all have a different weight; at the bottom is a plain old status update, posting a link has more weight than that, and at the top is posting photos.
  2. Actions your fans can take also all have different weights. The lowest is Clicks, then Likes, followed by Comments, and Shares have the most weight of them all.

So, now we know that just posting on your page doesn’t mean that your fans will see the post. What can you do about it? Tomorrow, tune in for some really good tips to get your Edgerank up and make sure you’re seen by everybody.


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