10 Tips to Raise Your Facebook Edgerank

Try these 10 tips to raise your Facebook edgerank. They can’t hurt and they may help!


Cute kittens and funny babies gather lots of comments!

1) Photos, photos, and more photos
Not only do photos carry a higher weight than status updates and links, but people love sharing and commenting on them, which is very good. Try not to go overboard with it though. A photo every seven or eight posts is good. Also, try posting a random funny pic you come across, because no one can ever get enough of those.

2) Short and sweet Facebook posts
A post of less than 80 characters is more likely to get shared, comments and likes.

3) Consistency is Key
Posting regularly is very important to getting engagement with your fans. Just posting once or twice a week simply won’t do. Try posting anywhere from once every day and a half to 2 or 3 times a day.

4) Give your fans some direction
Just like a lot of things in life, if you don’t ask for it, then you’re not going to get it. So do be afraid to ask people to like a post, share it with friends, or even just make a comment! When you say it, it will be in people’s minds, and you’re more likely to get you what you need.

5) Don’t forget the video
Videos are like photos, in that it’s engaging for your fans, and they get shared and commented on very quickly. I’ve seen a video posted on a Facebook page, and in 3 weeks, it had gotten over a million views, and the fan count grew by 8000!

6) Timing is everything
Try to figure out when you get the most engagement on your page, and work your posts around that. For a lot of people, the optimal days are Tuesday, Wednesday and the weekend, and things posted before 9am EST and after 9pm EST get more attention.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask questions
Questions can garner a lot of comments, specifically open ended ones. They don’t have to be deep and thoughtful, but simple like “What are you doing for the weekend?” or “Where would you be without Facebook?”. You should post questions that people will want to answer, and can do so quickly and easily.

8) Lend a hand
People will be more interested to listen if your aren’t always selling, so try posting information and links that they will find helpful. A good rule of thumb is to have about 80% of your post be helpful (or funny), and 20% about your product or service.

9) Do it yourself
It’s been an area of high debate, but it maybe that posting on your page primarily from 3rd party apps can hurt your page. Though no one knows for sure. If you can’t be on Facebook all the time, then schedule using an app for the slow times, and post manually for the rest. HootSuite is a great app that allows you to schedule all of your monthly posts at one time.

10) Network
Ever been to a networking meeting? The rubber chicken lunch and all the meeting and greeting … I hate it. But networking in my PJ’s? LOVE!!! That’s what Facebook is, networking in your PJ’s. So go out there and make sure you work the room. But do it wisely … Who are natural partners for your business? For me it’s a writer, a groupon sales person and a newspaper ad sales person. So I go out to foster these kinds of relationships. I keep in touch and comment on their projects, pages and profiles. (Give them some edgerank love.) I’m frequently able to give these people referrals. It’s a win-win for both of us.

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