SEO Basics: Using Directory Listings to Boost Your Website Ranking


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing and evolving. But there are some basic techniques that work no matter what: Keywords – A well researched list of keywords to use in your content. Keywords are the word or phrase that … Continue reading

Got way too much to do? Let me help!

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Hire me as your Virtual assistant for WordPress, MailChimp email expert, SEO expert for social media or DIY Trainer. Your website isn’t giving you leads. You need to blog and post on Social Media. You swear you’ll send out your … Continue reading

WordPress: To Tag or Not To Tag … There Is No Question – TAG!

Tag your WordPress website blog.

In the course of my day, I usually get a call from someone that wants help with their WordPress website/blog. More often than not, they ask me why they aren’t getting enough traffic to their site. When I get into … Continue reading