SDPEN WordPress Workshop

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Hi Ladies! This is your place to come for resources from the SDPEN WordPress workshop on Nov 2, 2013. It’s Easier Than You Think slide presentation Great low cost website for images For website hosting – Hostgator has had … Continue reading

SEO Basics: Using Directory Listings to Boost Your Website Ranking


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing and evolving. But there are some basic techniques that work no matter what: Keywords – A well researched list of keywords to use in your content. Keywords are the word or phrase that … Continue reading

Zillow ups it’s game with your own Premier Agent WordPress Website for $10!

wordpress website assistant and wordpress blog support

My hat is off to Zillow for creating their Premier Agent WordPress Website platform! They are using the WordPress Multi-Site platform to create a kick-butt WordPress website for real estate agents. Your new Premier Agent WordPress Website has tons of … Continue reading