How Long Should My Real Estate Newsletter Be?

Now that you’re converting your real estate newsletter from snail mail to a digital format you already know your overhead costs will go down considerably. But is your snail mail format appropriate for your digital newsletter format?

Your newsletter length with:

  1. Good news articles
  2. Real estate sales stats for your local area
  3. Local events for the month
  4. A featured listing

is perfect for a snail mail newsletter. (My husband was a broker for 15 years and it looks very similar to his format.)

How Long Should My Real Estate Newsletter Be_
But email is a whole different animal.

Snail mail newsletter

These are set on the coffee table, kitchen table or back of the toilet. So people are waiting or relaxing when they read the newsletter. They can see the information is valuable or interesting and want to read it in a leisure moment.

An in-depth newsletter with local sales stats, recipes, and neighborhood events are perfect for snail mail. The info convinces readers to save the newsletter for further review at a later date.

Email newsletter

Email is built differently. Most of the time it’s read on a mobile device, so it’s read on the run. And it has other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipbook or News apps vying for attention in the same limited reader time.

Short, sweet and to the point makes digital newsletters easily digestible in the limited amount of time and attention readers give them. One point per newsletter with one action step for the reader to take is the recommended limit.

If an email gets too long people’s brains get overloaded. Too many things to read or actions to take make a viewer either close the email thinking they’ll get back to it at a later date or, even worse, delete the newsletter altogether.

For email sending less information more frequently works. Take your long snail mail newsletter and break it into 4 sections:

  1. Local events
  2. Articles about items of local interest
  3. Local home sale stats
  4. New listing and featured homes

Then email 1 section a week or every other week.


I’m sure you’ve heard that people have to see your business several times before they inquire about your products and services. A snail mail newsletter sitting on the coffee table gets many glances. But a digital newsletter may be seen once before it’s trashed. So a newsletter every week will get the same amount of glances as a snail mail newsletter on the coffee table.

A weekly newsletter with one item may or may not get read, but your business name will get in front of your reader. And the more your reader sees your business when they do have a need for your services they’re more likely to contact you.


In my opinion, shorter more frequent newsletters are the way to go. The higher frequency at which your newsletter is sent will get you more brand recognition. And by asking your readers to focus on only one topic you’ll get a better response. Your open rate may not be as high as monthly newsletters but in the long run, I think you’ll see more sales.

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