Mobile Responsive Mailchimp Template Weekly Newsletter for a Christian School

Muskegon Christian School contacted us to create a weekly newsletter for them. They wanted a more professional email template that would grab the attention of their parents and donors and get them excited about the school activities and events.

Branded so it’s easy to recognize

Using the visual elements of their brand and the school colors the school wanted a template that was easy for their parents to recognize and immediately know who it was from.

Easy to access on mobile

This template had to be accessible on mobile devices. They wanted a template that parents could quickly scan and go straight to the information they’re interested in. Links are either in buttons or a single link by itself to make it easy for fingers to click on small mobile devices.

Accessible for visual challenges

We wanted to make sure that people with visibility challenges could see and read the weekly newsletter. So we used large text for headlines, high contrast colors and underlined all links to make sure there are enough visual queues to take action.

Quick and easy to get the information parents need

Large color blocks indicating sections make the newsletter super easy to scan. Large images create interest and encourage engagement and sharing. Social connect buttons give parents the ability to connect with the school on Facebook and Twitter. There’s a link to the website so parents can access their billing accounts.

Using emoticons to get more opens

Because this is an elementary school it’s easy for them to include emoticons in their subject lines. Images grab attention and are easy to recognize and quick to understand.