How to Get Your Emails Delivered

Even with the growing popularity of social media marketing, email is here to stay! And with email marketing comes the concern of making sure your emails are delivered. So the next time you launch an email campaign, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

Please do!

Send a welcome email

Got a new subscriber? Make them feel at home with a customized welcome email after they sign up. A good first impression does last, after all.

Use double opt-in forms

To get high-quality leads, make new subscribers confirm their subscription after filling out the signup form. This additional step guarantees accidental signups, bot responses, and other low-quality leads are immediately weeded out of your mailing list without any action on your part.

Add an easily accessible unsubscribe link

When someone wants to go, let them go. Simplify the process for them by making the unsubscribe link visible and the whole process straightforward. It’s much better to have a small list full of interested people as opposed to a big list full of people who couldn’t care less.

Please don’t!

Link to unknown websites

Your message may be automatically flagged as spam if you’ve linked to a website that’s been connected to email complaints. So your email may never reach the intended recipients’ inboxes. And even if it does, people will think it’s a shady email full of malware.

Purchase a list

It may take time but focus on growing your mailing list organically. At least you’ll know you have relevant leads. You can purchase lists, but it’s a waste of money especially if no one in it cares about your products or services. List selling services aren’t always the most up and up businesses. You may pay for 1000 email addresses and only get 100 that are real, valid email addresses.

Repeat content

Engage your subscribers with fresh content in every send. This gives them something to look forward to whenever you send them an email. It also makes them want to stay on as a subscriber for much longer. Email campaigns are as powerful as ever, but only if you do them right!
How to Get Your Emails Delivered
Thanks to our friends at VerticalResponse for this brilliant infographic on how to get your emails delivered.

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