Email Marketing Personalization Checklist

The numbers don’t lie: Sales can increase by as much as 20% when marketers customize email content.

But for personalization to be successful, you must have a plan. A checklist of these tasks comes in handy:

Step 1 – Create your Email

At this stage, you should design a personalization strategy based on 2 key elements: your subscriber’s recent behavior, and their current location. Use all of them to deliver customized content to your subscriber. And of course, don’t forget to add your subscriber’s name to a compelling photo. It should be the first thing your subscriber sees, setting the tone for the whole personalized experience.

Step 2 – Review your Newsletter

Emails contain a subject line, preheader, header, body, and a call to action (CTA). Though you’re not going for a Pulitzer Prize, make sure each part is polished — free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and run-on sentences. The length should also be appropriate for the function. For example, the subject should be short enough to be read easily on mobile devices, while the CTA should link back to the correct page. As for the design, keep your branding and colors consistent with your website.

Step 3 – Check for Errors

Before sending an email to subscribers, send a test email to yourself, one with personalized content and the other without. This allows you to check data fields and review the design’s effectiveness. Make sure the fields not only auto-populate with the correct information, but they should also accommodate variable lengths and special characters. If a field isn’t populated, add fallback data like “Hi there” instead of Hi Bob. Check the email on a desktop, laptop, and a mobile device. You want your content to display properly regardless of what your subscriber is using.

Start personalizing your emails and newsletters with these three simple steps. So don’t wait — add that personal touch to your next email marketing campaign.

Thanks, CampaignMonitor for this great checklist.

Email Marketing Personalization Checklist

Source: The Ultimate Email Marketing Personalization Checklist by Campaign Monitor

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