How to Remove or Add the Double Opt In From Your Mailchimp Email List

Updated 7/31/19

The double opt-in process can be a pain. This process makes your subscribers go to their inbox to verify their email before they can receive your emails.

And if your subscriber is using a Gmail email address sometimes they don’t receive the verification email at all. It goes into the dark hole of their inbox never to be found.

What can you do to make sure your subscribers receive your emails without email address verification? Take off the double opt-in.

Here’s how to remove the double opt-in…

Sign in to your Mailchimp account

Go to lists

Pick the list you want to work with

In the menu bar at the top of the list, you’ll see “Settings” with a drop-down arrow next to it. Click on the drop-down arrow and click on and click on “List name and defaults”

Under Form Settings, you’ll see Enable double opt-in. Uncheck the box next to it.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save list and campaign defaults.

You’re done! You’ve removed the process for that list. 🙂

Add the process to keep bots from subscribing

And if you’re getting lots of bot subscriptions, use this process to keep the bots away. Bots won’t confirm the subscription in the email Mailchimp sends them.

You can also turn on the captcha to keep bots from subscribing.

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