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This is how you exclude some emails from your next campaign send.

Here we’re on the dashboard of Mailchimp. We’re going to go to campaigns.

Choose the campaign that we want to send or create a new campaign.

In this to area, you’re going to edit recipients. You’re going to make sure you have a list that you want to send to and then to exclude people

from the send. Click on the segment or tag and choose group or new segment.

Instead of using a segment, we’re going to go to paste emails. We’re going to copy and paste the emails that we want to exclude from the send,

we’re going to paste them into this box right here and then scroll down and click on exclude these emails from my segment, and then build the segment.

You can see we did have eight before, we excluded five emails, so now there’s three recipients that we’ll send to.

That’s how you can send to a list but exclude some of the email addresses.

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