Mobile Mailchimp Email Template for an AirBnB

Mobile Mailchimp Email Template for an AirBnB in Leavenworth WA

Leavenworth Vacation Rental came to me to build a Mailchimp email template for their quarterly newsletter. The condo owners are a retired couple looking to make some extra money to supplement their income.

They rent out their vacation condo in Leavenworth, WA. The condo is booked 1 year ahead during the ski season and holidays. But during the off season, they were only booked 1/2 of the time.

Mobile Mailchimp email template strategy

The intention of the quarterly newsletter is to remind their subscribers about their condo for rent. They also want to showcase local restaurants and seasonal things to do to help people choose to visit Leavenworth.

Since this was their very first newsletter send, we put a large red link to unsubscribe at the top of the email. This kept the spam reports to a minimum because we made it obvious and easy to unsubscribe.

Template images

Graphics for this template were provided by the graphic designer and match their Facebook page.

We kept images to a minimum so the email loads quickly on mobile devices.

There is a large book now area about halfway down the email so more reservations are made.

Email links

Social links include a link to their booking page and a Google Maps link. People can quickly use this email to book and get directions to the condo.

Now people can store this email in their inbox and have booking info at their fingertips.

Easily to read

The text is large enough to be easily read on mobile devices without pinching the screen.

The tone of the email is light and friendly to make the email seem like it’s coming from friends with personal recommendations on restaurants and things to do.

An intimate tone will endear the owners with their subscribers so people want to rent from them.


In the future, the quarterly email can contain sponsored posts from restaurants, nightclubs, festivals, and events to help the condo owners offset their marketing costs.

Here’s a screenshot of the mobile Mailchimp email template.

mailchimp mobile email template for an Airbnb
Mobile version

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