Video: How to Get Notified When People Subscribe to your Mailchimp Email List

UPDATED 3/31/2020

It may not seem important, but getting notified via email when people subscribe or unsubscribe from your Mailchimp email audience is essential. Learn how here…

Here’s how you can get notified when people subscribe to your Mailchimp email list.

You’re going to go to audience. And click on audience. Then you’re going to make sure that you’re on the audience that you want to be on and then view contacts. Go to settings. Go to audience name, and defaults, and down here at the bottom, you would place your email addresses.

If you want to do it one by one for subscriptions and unsubscriptions, or if you want to get an end-of-the-day summary. This summary only sends when you have some activity in your account.

Then you save audience and campaign defaults and you will now receive notifications.

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Get Subscribe and Unsubscribe Notifications from Mailchimp

This checklist will take you through the steps you need to do to turn this useful feature on in Mailchimp

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