Drip Campaigns and Nurture Campaigns

Drip Campaigns and Nurture Campaigns

The 2 concepts of drip campaigns and nurture campaign can be slightly confusing. Both have their place in any successful marketing campaign, so it’s important to know the difference.

Drip Campaigns

Consider a dripping faucet. A drop of water falls at regular intervals over time. That’s how a drip campaign works. You automatically send out the same email to every subscriber at pre-determined intervals. Each subscriber starts at email #1 and proceeds through the campaign until the last email.

A drip campaign will keep your name and business in front of potential customers. For businesses just starting out, it’s a good way to get noticed. With Mailchimp it’s easy to set up a campaign that’s delivered automatically after people have subscribed. Once you’ve been noticed, it’s time to start fine-tuning your email marketing. That is where nurture campaigns come into the picture.

All drip campaigns should be personalized with the reader’s name.

Examples of drip campaigns

Benefits of drip campaigns

Drip campaign open rates are higher than regular email and newsletter open rates. Their click-through rates can be up to 3 times higher than your normal click-through rate. Writing and setting up a drip campaign can be a hefty investment in time and money. But over time you’ll see a tremendous return on your investment when they’re used consistently.

Nurture Campaigns

A nurture campaign is based on a potential customer’s behavior. For example, if a person clicks a link that takes them to a free download, the download triggers a second email that thanks them for downloading. Then it suggests the next step the person can take. If, however, the person does not download, an email to remind them to download may be sent.

With a nurture campaign, each email is designed to bring the person ever closer to making a purchase. It requires more thought and behavior analysis, but it’s targeted toward individuals on your list who are actually interacting and moving closer to doing what you want them to do, purchase.

By educating potential buyers about your products and services you can keep your business at the top of their mind.  The object is to keep the reader engaged and clicking on links in the email. The link clicks will determine the next email they’re sent until you ask for the sale and hopefully their last click.

Combining the Two

These two campaigns can work together. Start out by sending a regular email to your entire email list, and offer a coupon. Some of the recipients will click on the coupon and visit your site. For those who don’t click, you continue sending your regularly scheduled “generic” emails.

For those who clicked and visited your site, however, there are actions a reader can take that could trigger more emails personalized for them.

  • One person may actually use the coupon
  • Another may visit your site and look around but not make a purchase

The email you send may be triggered by the product they view or it may be a reminder to come back and purchase, or you may end up sending them a completely different offer. All of this will depend on where they visited on your site.

Final Thoughts

Using both methods in your marketing gives your potential customers what they need most. It also helps you focus on the people interacting with your messages. For example, if someone opens a nurturing campaign email but doesn’t click any links, return them to your drip list for now.

For those who haven’t taken any action on your drip campaign, remove them and send a reengagement campaign. Remind them of how your product or services can help solve their problems. And if they still don’t respond, clean them from your list. They’re not opening your emails anyway.

I hope this inspired you and got your creative juices flowing. Start moving readers on your drip list to your nurture list.

Need help with your drip or nurture campaign? Let me know I’d be happy to help!

Here are my slides from my talk, “Drip, Drip, Drip to Convert Website Leads to Sales”. Let me know what questions you have in the comments below.


  1. Rhonda Negard on December 17, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    I’m actually working on the content for my nurture campaigns, but I definitely need to hire you to do it. I don’t want to risk messing it up and thinking my content isn’t working when it could be user error.

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