Drip Campaign Basics

Drip Campaign Basics

Drip campaigns are pre-written emails designed to move people from being a potential customer to buying. They “drip” info that will answer questions about the product or service, educate about the industry and its practices or give updated information. All of this is done in a limited time frame to help speed the sales process.

According to Forrester, “Businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects“.

Other than the heavy lifting to write the drip campaign and set up the automation, a drip campaign is no work to send and maintain and delivers outstanding results practically painlessly.

Drip campaigns have a higher open rate than newsletters. Because the subscriber has asked to receive more information on the campaign’s topic.

By using triggers and actions taken by an email reader, a drip campaign can be segmented to garner even more interest. Use your subscribers’ first name in the email and you’ll get even more opens and click-throughs.

Wondering what type of drip campaign your business should use to stay in the top of your prospective clients mind?

Welcome emails

This email is sent immediately when one joins the list. It can give account login information, contain discounts or coupons, or deliver your eBook or guide, to name a few. Learn more about the different types of welcome emails you can use for your business.

Onboarding emails

Make sure your newest clients feel taken care of by sending a series of email to explain your products or how your services work.

Abandoned cart emails

A drip campaign is a perfect use for people that have added an item to their cart and even gone so far as to give you their email address. Gently remind them of their forgotten order and persuade them to come back and purchase.

Confirmation emails

These are excellent after a purchase to thank the customer and confirm the purchase and shipping info. Calculate the shipping time and after your product is delivered send a request for a product review.

I found an excellent infographic from Pardot outlining drip campaign basics!


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