Need More Income? Use Email Marketing

Need More Income_ Use Email Marketing

A lot of small businesses endure peaks and valleys of new clients and income during their “slow time” of year. (For me it’s July and August when people are on vacation and not working on their businesses.) How does a small business create a more reliable income flow during the “slow” times? … Email Marketing.

Have you ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”? Pretty corny right? But it’s true.

Assertion: Email Marketing Works

By using email to communicate with your list, you can raise your sales and minimize your income valley.

But Amy, you say, I’ve sent those “specials” and “deals” emails when I was desperate for new clients and they didn’t work.

There’s a reason for that … most likely, you don’t send regular, consistent emails, so people weren’t “primed” to buy when you needed to sell.

The strategy is to send emails on a consistent basis. Emails that educate and entertain your audience with valuable nuggets of info they need to solve their challenges and issues. (The reason they buy your product or service is to solve a pain point, problem or challenge. Your emails and blog posts should speak to that in a way that educates.)

People need to know, like, and trust you before they buy. If you’re not communicating with them on a regular basis, how will they know if like you enough to buy from you when YOU want them to buy?

Consistent emails that engage their heads and hearts. Consistent emails that let them know who you are, what you do, and how you do it can go a long way to gain your subscriber’s trust.

In a survey by Crain’s BtoB Magazine, “59% of marketers perceive email to be the most effective channel in generating revenue“. The bottom line, without email marketing you’re leaving money on the table.

Need help getting your emails out consistently? I can help. We’ll do a strategy session each month to help you come up with a plan for sales this month and content for your newsletter. You send me the content and I’ll load it into Mailchimp, and send you a test. Once it’s approved I’ll schedule your email to send. It’s as easy as 1. Plan, 2. Gather and 3. Send. Interested? Here’s my  Monthly Email Package

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