Hire an Email Marketing Manager for Strategy and Execution

Are your emails getting out to your subscribers? You may need an email marketing manager to help you strategize, organize and send your email campaigns.

An email campaign is more than stringing some messages together and sending them out periodically to subscribers.

Like any other marketing campaign, an email campaign should have a clear structure and cohesive parts. It’s not much different from telling a story.

Because of this, hiring an email marketing manager to help you conceptualize, strategize, and most importantly, execute can be a vital part of your email success. Ideas are easy to come by, but making them happen is another challenge altogether.

Why an email marketing manager should be part of your team

If writing isn’t fun or among your best skills, it’s obvious why you need an email manager. It’s their task to turn your message into engaging and interesting content for your subscribers.

Aside from that, given their experience, they can make recommendations on whether or not an approach works based on the goals you want the campaign to achieve.

But even if writing is your strength, you’re busy with other aspects of your business. Having a dedicated email marketing manager who can focus on email campaigns and the results can take a load off your shoulders.

You can focus on core business activities while letting an expert take over on producing content.

How to choose a manager for your brand

Anyone can say that they’re an email marketing manager, much in the same way that anyone can self-proclaim to be a singer and audition for American Idol. The responsibility to select the best from several applicants lies on your shoulders.

An ideal place to start is with verifiable writing samples. A sales copywriter with experience in successful email campaigns is a viable candidate.

You can also search for testimonials from previous clients. Often, a satisfied customer is more than happy to put in a good word for their past contractors who delivered excellent work.

Additionally, you can ask applicants to draft a plan for a campaign and write a sample email. This can be a bit delicate because writers rightfully don’t want to work for free. Make sure to pay them and discuss whether or not you’re going to use their output.

Once you find the perfect email marketing manager for your business, keep the communication lines open between the two of you to facilitate collaboration.

With your ideas combined, you can look forward to successful email campaigns.

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  1. Robert Nissenbaum on October 21, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Effective email marketing is a skill. If you don’t have it, hire a professional.

    It’s like any other discipline. You can do it yourself and save money, maybe even get some leads or sales, but how much more could your ROI be if you hired a professional?

    Plus there is the time you can now put to better use doing what you do best.

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