Add Email Addresses to Tags and Groups in Mailchimp

Want to segment your Mailchimp audience/list but don’t know how to add groups or tags? Learn how to upload a bunch of email addresses to tags or group or a tag and group at the same time.

You can use this technique for uploading to just a group or just a tag or both.

Add email addresses to tags and groups in Mailchimp

From the dashboard, we go to Audience. Make sure you’re on the correct Audience.

Now click the gray button, view contacts.

1. Import contacts

Click the down arrow next to Add Contacts in the navigation bar and choose Import Contacts.

Choose copy and paste from file. [I always copy and paste the email addresses into Mailchimp. I never import from CSV or .txt. I find it easier to copy and paste no matter how big the file because I have more control over matching the fields with copy and paste.]

Down in the right-hand corner, click continue to set up.

I always click “I Understand my Billing Plan May Be Upgraded” first. If I have a big group I’m uploading, it’s going to get pushed way down, and I’m too lazy to scroll.

Go to your spreadsheet and copy all the email address. [I copy from the bottom to the top to make sure I’m only grabbing what I need and not any blank rows.]

Go back to Mailchimp and paste them in. Now in the lower right-hand corner, click “Continue to Match”.

2. Organize your imported contacts

The match screen is where we tell MailChimp what group and tag to add the group of email addresses to. Very first thing I do is click “Update Existing Contacts” . [I do this every time I upload. That way, everyone goes into Mailchimp and I don’t get error messages.]

If you haven’t created your tags already view my video on creating tags and groups.

Start at the top of this screen.

Click the + button and choose the tag the upload is going to go in to. You can choose more than one tag.

add tags and groups to an audience in Mailchimp

Click the group you want to add the emails addresses to and check the correct subgroup. If you need to choose more than one group, do that here.

add a group to an audience in Mailchimp

Make sure the status of the contacts is “Subscribed”.

Click the “Continue to review” button on the lower right-hand side.

3. Review before importing your data

Double-check everything. Do you have all green checks or is there something you need to fix? We’re only importing one column, so that’s why we have a yellow exclamation point.

4. Import

And then click the “Import” button in the lower right-hand corner.

And the import is complete. Let’s refresh the page.

[In the video, I had already imported this list into MailChimp, but now I’m going back and doing some granular tagging and grouping. This list will be really, really useful to this client. Because I had already added this list to the account the subscriber number doesn’t change. Just the tags and groups change.]

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