How to Promote Your Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be a lifesaver. It can promote your products and services by giving valuable education and information. But how do you promote it once you have one?

Generating leads can be a difficult task. You have to come up with ways to tempt prospective customers without coming across as a hard sell.

Marketing may be a numbers game, but at the end of the day, it’s better to have a handful of relevant leads that can be converted to sales, than a heap of leads that can’t.

Given all that, focus your attention on how to grow your leads organically. The key here is to think about what your target market wants and give it to them. That thing, whatever it is, will be your lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

It’s an incentive you give to prospects in exchange for their email address, phone number, or any other pertinent contact information.

The idea is to get these people to hand over their details with their full awareness and consent. As opposed to getting their details through less transparent (and therefore questionable) methods.

Now, a lead magnet can come in many forms. Although it’s often a piece of downloadable content that can be accessed only by people who sign up and leave their information.

It can be a video, whitepaper, eBook, market study, report, template, checklist, cheat sheet, toolkit, a course — practically anything, as long as it matters to your target market. 

You’ll need content

Creating a lead magnet isn’t necessarily easy. You’ll have to produce content compelling enough to make people take the time to type out their details and give them to you.

It has to be creative, engaging, and worth everyone’s time. That in itself is a challenge.


But there’s another challenge which is just as big, or maybe even bigger, and that’s letting your target market know that your lead magnet exists. This is where promoting your lead market comes in.

Fortunately, there are several ways to do this through:

  • On your own website

    First and foremost, your brand’s website is the perfect place for your lead magnet. But just make sure to not be too intrusive by showing pop-up windows that can take up the whole screen.

    There are understated and less annoying ways to promote, such as using action bars and sidebars, displaying an overlay that’s easy to close, incorporating the sign-up form in the content, strategically placing email signup forms across the website, and showing interstitials (overlays with preset timers).

    The goal is to lure and not to drive away prospective customers.
  • Social media

    The biggest social media platforms have hundreds of millions to billions of users, so it’s a good idea to leverage them.

    Run ads, hold a contest, and create signup tabs on Facebook.

    On Twitter, highlight the lead magnet in your page header. Take advantage of Promoted Tweets. Pin the tweet with the announcement for the lead magnet.

    Post about your lead magnet in Instagram Stories and use relevant hashtags to make your business more discoverable.

    Upload teasers or tutorials (whichever is more applicable) to Youtube with the right calls to action. On all the aforementioned platforms, don’t forget to place a link to your lead magnet in your brand’s bio page.
  • Don’t forget about traditional channels

    Giving out flyers and business cards, posting announcements on the community billboard, taking out an ad in the local newsletter, and encouraging word-of-mouth support may be considered old school, but they still work, especially if your business has a local presence.

    In this way, you’ll also be promoting to people who don’t use the internet a lot, thus widening your network.

A lead magnet is powerful, but its power is only as strong as its reach. Make sure it gets out in the open should be a top priority.

When your lead magnet gains maximum exposure and delivers an offer that’s hard to refuse. Then you can be confident of generating high-quality leads.

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