How to Send a Mailchimp Email Campaign

You’ve created and tested your Mailchimp email campaign. Now it needs to be sent. But how? Learn in this video.

Today you’ll learn how to send your email campaign. Once your campaign is created and approved, these are the steps you’ll take to send it to your audience.

Step 1: Sign into Mailchimp

I’ve signed into my Mailchimp account. Here I am on the dashboard.

Step 2: Go to your campaign

I’m going to go to Campaigns. And here’s my draft campaign.

Step 3: Edit your campaign

I’m going to go into Edit. I have everything laid out. This was already approved, we’re already good to go.

Step 4: Send or schedule your campaign

Up here on the left hand side, you can either finish this campaign later, you can schedule it, or you can send it.

Step 5: Press send

This is a free account. We don’t have the ability to schedule the campaign, so all we’re going to do for right this moment is press Send.

Here we have the little nervous Mailchimp almost pressing the button, and now it’s sending. We’re going to wait for the high five to make sure.

High five! You’ve sent your email!

Excellent. Now it’s going out. And that is how you send your campaign on MailChimp.

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