2019 in Retrospect and This is 2020! (In Barbara Walters voice)


Is it just me, or do you hear it too? Everything time I hear someone say Happy 2020, I hear Barbara Walters saying, “This is 2020.” ?

I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m back in my home office and my schedule is my own again.

I’m running the Carlsbad WordPress meetup and organizing WordCamp San Diego.

I’m looking forward to learning deeply this year.

2019 was the year of babies.

I had a new grand-baby, Ashton Alan Kennedy. He’s a cutie patootie! (All babies are.) He’s now crawling and getting into mischief as only a 7 month old can do.

He’s my last grandchild because both my kids have turned that faucet off. ?

2019 was the year of traveling.

We drove all over the US and logged close to 9000 miles in our travel trailer.

This last picture is what we saw when we opened our door in the morning. We had driven late into the night and just pulled to the side of the road to catch a quick snooze. In the dark we had no idea of the beauty that was right in front of us (or to the side as the case may be).

2019 was the year of learning.

I attended a lot of WordCamps and spoke at quite a few of them.

I attended Content Camp put on by Jennifer Bourn. (Probably the best tech seminar I’ve ever attended.)

I learned a lot about accessibility. Whether it’s using an email with one hand on a mobile phone, being visually impaired (glasses) and using email or being color blind and seeing colored links. 

2019 was a year of rebuilding.

For the 2 years I took care of my Dad my business came second, So I needed to rebuild my business and rediscover my excitement for digital marketing.

At a business retreat in Lake Tahoe I decided to re-brand myself as an Email Marketing Strategist and Mailchimp expert. So you’ll notice a new logo and a new website is coming. (Writing website content takes forever!)

This is 2020!

I love email! I’m just weird like that.

This year I’m concentrating on content and consistency. What that means is you’ll see regular blog posts from me and at least one email a month. 

Need help with your Mailchimp?

I’ve started a Mailchimp Tutorial Tuesday on my Facebook page at 9am pacific time. 

You’ll be able to see my screen and listen to me through your computer speakers. 

I’ll present the tutorial showing how to do things in Mailchimp on the screen on Facebook Live. 

The recording will be up and live on the AmyHall.biz Facebook Page.

If you have questions you want answered feel free to leave them in the comments.

Take action in 2020…
Connect with your email audience!

For the first 10 people my monthly email package is $99 per month!  Usually $150 per month. 

If you committed to connecting and emailing your list regularly in 2020 this is for you. 

My monthly email package includes:

  1. Monthly planning call where we talk strategy and content
  2. Upload your new lists and tag or group them as desired
  3. Create a monthly newsletter using content you provide
  4. Check grammar, spelling, and readability
  5. 1 round of revisions

Interested? Schedule a discovery call on my calendar.

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