How to Send an Automation to a Tag or Group

Want an easy way to connect with your new subscribers? Send a welcome automation. In this video you’ll learn how to send an automation to a tag or group.

I have received a lot of questions like, “So I want to make two subscription forms and I want to send different opt-in offers to each subscription form, how do I do that?” “Do I do it with tags?” or “Do I do it with groups?” or “Do I do it with different audiences?”

I’m going show you how to do it with tags and groups.

The real fast down and dirty difference between groups and tags.


If you use groups, you can give people the option to choose which group they want to be in. If you ever want people to be able to self-select, that’s when you’re going to use groups.


If you use tags, you choose the option for the people.

Send an automation using tags

So here I am on the dashboard and I’m going to go to automate email. When you’re creating from scratch, this is super easy.

Hover over Automate in the top menu and click email.

Click on where it says “Email Subscribers When They’re Tagged”.

Choose your audience.

Then you start the automation and you can add the tag in this automation. It prompts you to add the tag. Click edit to select the tag you want to use. In the upper right hand corner click the button that says “Update trigger”.

Step 4: Choose your tag in the Mailchimp automation editing screen
Click edit to choose your tag in the Mailchimp automation editing screen
Select a tag to send to in your Mailchimp automation and update the trigger.

Send an automation using groups

If you want to use groups, then you have to go over to the custom button to begin.

Hover over Automate in the top menu and click email.

Click the Custom button in the top right hand corner.

Click the custom button to start creating an automation that sends to a group.

From here things will look more like the process above. Then you’re going to change the trigger.

Choose your audience.

Then you select the group that you want them in.

Click edit to select the group you want to use. Choose the joins group option.

Choose the group you want to send the automation to and click update trigger. You can also change when the reader will receive the very first email in the automation. Usually you want this to be immediately.

If you already have a multi-step automation in place and you want to start sending it to a tag or a group, this is the screen that you’ll see when you go into your automation.

Then just follow the steps above to go into the trigger area and change the trigger to a tag or a group.

It’s pretty straight forward when you get past that custom button, you just have to get past that custom button. That custom button’s just hanging out there in never, neverland it kind of is just strange hanging out there all by itself.

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