How To Build An Email List: Why it Matters

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Creating your email marketing campaign starts with getting your email list together, so you have recipients to send to. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do to build an email list from the ground up.

We know email marketing is a powerful tool. In the U.S. alone, over 90% of the population, 15 and over, use email. Add to this; email reaches approximately 85% of the recipients, which is much better than social media ad targeting. For obvious reasons, email still reigns supreme as a better communication tool.

Get a good email marketing platform to use

You’ll need to find software that is easy to use. ConvertKit and Mailchimp are both excellent and will get you going.

While you may be tempted to start from scratch and send from your own email inbox, there are some significant reasons why that’s not so great of an idea.

Flagging issues

Sending bulk mail from your business email account runs the risk of your email address being flagged as a spam generator. Your recipient’s email reader spam filter will block this email and all future emails. 

Optimizing delivery

Email marketing platforms can send batches of emails out in intervals, depending on the time of day where the consumer resides. This is done to maximize the chances of the recipient seeing the email right away as opposed to finding it in their inbox later on.

Emails must comply with regulatory laws and include all relevant information required. CAN-SPAM act requirements, for example, requires you to include a valid brick and mortar address of the company sending the email. Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp do this automatically without any extra effort on your part.

Instant feedback

Almost immediately, you’ll receive information regarding the delivery of your email. Stats like, if the delivery was successful, if a link was clicked, unsubscribes, or time the email was opened. These stats give you the opportunity to optimize your future emails.

Templates Design

You will have lots of choices of professional looking email template designs. This includes gifs and interactive content in addition to the text content you’ll provide.

It’s Time to Build an Email List

People need to have a reason to join your list. When someone comes across your website or landing page, the chances of them opting into your audience is much greater if you give them something of value for free.

This is where you make good use of knowing your audience. Do they want a free guide, an eBook, a report, a checklist, or a quiz that can help them with their challenges? You have many options. Make sure you choose something your customers perceive as valuable to them.

Growing Your Email List Will Take A Bit of Time.

Don’t buy, ask

Whatever you do, don’t rush building your email list by purchasing one. Purchasing lists will trigger a warning as email service providers have most likely seen these addresses continually being sent to by businesses.

Make use of your social media tools

Post your landing page link to your social media channels. This will give you more exposure than just asking your family, friends, employees, and friends to join your list.

Make use of hashtags in your posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

Going beyond organic

You’ve done a great job of building your list organically. It may be time to purchase ads to increase the speed at which your email list grows. Yes, you will have to pay for ads. Just don’t run away from them because of the costs. Stick to your budget and make it work for you.

Facebook: Aside from purchasing the ad(s) itself, Facebook has impressive segmentation tools to help you quickly target the specific demographic you’re looking for. There will be a cost you for every email address you receive.

LinkedIn: Naturally, this audience is quite different from Facebook, and LinkedIn ads are a bit more expensive. But if you sell to other businesses and not consumers, it’s worth trying their native ads.

Twitter: This one really relies on you using great hashtags.

Google AdWords: It’s Google, of course, and it’s able to give you huge traffic that you can target. Don’t forget Bing as well.

If You Can Do Content Marketing, Do Content Marketing!

If your business model supports it, this is a great go-to for email list generation.

Content marketing works well because it builds your list indirectly. If users find your content compelling, they’ll subscribe to your mailing list.

For example, add an embedded subscription form to all your blog posts. Offer a freebie that answers questions your readers need answers for. Collect their email address for your list to send the freebie to. Send the freebie by a download link or download page on your website.

BONUS: You can send your blog posts via email to your readers!

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps to get you up and running quickly. There are other ways that may help grow your email list (webinars, reputable giveaway sites, etc.). Test your strategies, and find what works best for you.

And don’t forget, it isn’t just growing the list that is your priority, making sure you build a solid relationship with your subscribers is very important for loyalty and trust in your brand.

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