How to Add an Image to a Blog Post Email

Do you automate sending your blog post to your reader via email? Want images on your blog post email but you don’t want to send the full blog post every time? Here’s how to add an image to your blog excerpt in Mailchimp if you’re using a WordPress blog.

I get a lot of requests when people are sending their blog post via email that they want to include an image with their blog post. A blog post image just makes an email look a lot better.

Add a plugin to your website

WordPress website has a plugin called Featured Images in RSS for Mailchimp and other Email. You add that plugin to your website and configure it so that you have the image feeding through your RSS feed, which is what Mailchimp uses to put your blog posts in their email and then the images will show up.

I’ll show you how it looks with the images. This is what the plugin looks like in WordPress.

I set the size of the images to medium/large. You can set them various sizes, but you don’t want an image that’s larger than the 600px wide. The reason is 600px wide is the maximum size of an email in the inbox. So you don’t need to use an image larger than what an inbox will handle.

I do the centered at above text. I think it looks a lot cleaner and makes the image appear larger. It looks more modern than the right or left image. Sometimes the right and left images do not work correctly so I leave it centered above the text.

Set spacing between the text and the feed images. It does not do that automatically. I also add the post URL link to the images and save changes.

So, here’s my template with my RSS feed. I’m going to preview this. Now here is what it looks like with the images.

Those nice, large, pretty images.

Such a more compelling email. It’s more inviting for people to click.

If you have any questions, please feel free to put them in the comments section down below.

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