Video: How to create a PDF of your Mailchimp report

Need to send a client or boss a report of your last Mailchimp campaign? Learn how to get a Mailchimp report and turn it into a PDF.

How to find your Mailchimp report and a quick rundown of the items on the report

Go to campaigns and pick the email campaign you want the report for.

Go to your campaign - How to print your Mailchimp email campaign report

Go to the report and review it. You’ll want to look over the stats for the campaign just to get acquainted with them.

View your Mailchimp report - How to print your Mailchimp email campaign report

What the Mailchimp report shows us.

The open rate.


The click rate.


And the unsubscribes. Wow, a lot of unsubscribes.


I can also see how many people opened it, how many people clicked, how many people bounced, and how many unsubscribes I got. Can also see how many successful deliveries I had, the total opens.


Opened is unique opens.


Total opens is how many times it was opened. It could be opened more than once by the same person and it would show up here. Only the first open will show up in the Opened area.

You can also see the campaign demographics. The accuracy of these demographics is okay. It has me in the 35 to 44 age range and I should be in the 55 to 64+ age range. I’m in this range. At least it has me as female, so that’s good.

Predictive demographics How to print your Mailchimp report

This is a graph of your campaign performance in the first 24 hours of your send.  

24 hr performance and links

There is a list of the links that were clicked.

You can see the subscribers that have the most opens. If you click on the email address you can see the date and time of the open.

See which subscribers open your email How to print your Mailchimp report

Mailchimp shows you the geographic locations of your opens.

Top locations that open your email

Now grab a PDF of your report

Now to get a PDF, go to print. It will show you a PDF. It has a nice table of contents.

Show report options How to print your Mailchimp report

But some of the items shown on the default report are items you may not use and therefore don’t need in the report. For example, Social Stat.

Report options How to print your Mailchimp email campaign report

There are no social stats in this account.

Remove social stats How to print your Mailchimp email campaign report

The advanced Mailchimp reporting area shows what the receiving email domain is, so that’s actually very useful.

To take out social stats go up to the upper left-hand side, clicking on show report options, and unclick social stats.

Now go to print and save this as a PDF.

Print as a PDF How to print your Mailchimp report

I love how plain this report is! You could add your business logo to the Mailchimp report and claim it as your own and WOW! your boss and/or clients.

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