Mailchimp and Spam: Is Mailchimp a spammer?

Mailchimp and Spam: Is Mailchimp a spammer?

Do Mailchimp links create spam? My emails sent from Mailchimp always land in the spam folder, for all of my readers! Mailchimp is a spammer because my email landed in the spam folder.

There is so much misinformation about email and spam and particularly Mailchimp and spam

Here’s a question I got the other day and thought I’d answer it here.

I saw your email address on one of your Youtube videos and have a question about Mailchimp.  I have some links to opt-in pages on some of my Youtube videos. Somebody has left a comment on one of the videos saying “Please stop providing Mailchimp links, it spams emails”. I don’t understand what they mean.  I make it clear that people are signing up to a list and I also encourage people to unsubscribe if they don’t want to be on it.  So my question is, is he talking about Mailchimp lists becoming compromised somehow by spammers?  If so, what can I do about it?  I’ve never had anyone email me about a problem.

I’m not 100% sure what they meant, but here are 2 takes on it.

  1. A platform cannot spam. People that use a platform can spam. Mailchimp does its very best to make sure no spammers use their platform.
  2. Emails sent from Mailchimp can land in the spam folder. But that has very little to do with Mailchimp. 

The questions I ask when people complain about their emails landing in spam are, “How do you know? Did the email you sent to yourself land in spam or did you hear that from a reader?”

From the answers I’ll know how to proceed to fix the issue.

How can you fix it? How can you stop your emails from landing in the spam folder?

1. It starts with the email address the email is sent from.

The email address has to be trustworthy.

Is the sending email address a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or a similar email address? If it is, it’s probably going to go to spam.

Why? Look in your spam folder and glance at the from email addresses. I bet you’ll see a lot of Gmail and Yahoo email addresses. These are free email addresses and cost spammers nothing.

They’re email addresses frequently used by spammers and can be untrustworthy, especially for businesses.

If the sending email address is a domain name email address like it should be more trustworthy out of the box. But the are actions you can take to make email readers, like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple mail trust it even more.

If you’re testing your email campaign by sending a test email, that can land in the spam folder just because of the word TEST in the subject line.

AND if you’re sending to and from the same email address your email is more likely to land in the spam folder.

Quite a list of items to track, and that’s just for the email address!

2. Then we move on to the trustworthiness of your list

3. The next step is to check your email for spam triggers

So many factors to “spamming” that a blanket statement Mailchimp spams is wholly inadequate and shows no understanding of the complexity of email.

AND dealing with all these factors can be overwhelming. If you need to hire an email marketing manager or help with authenticating your email address with Mailchimp feel free to contact me.

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  1. Chris on April 29, 2022 at 1:09 am

    > A platform cannot spam. People that use a platform can spam.

    So you are saying that a botnet cannot spam either, only the people who rent it?

    If it provides services that are sought by spammers, and if a lot of the mails you receive from that platform are spam, I say the platform can spam.

    I see that you have a checkbox for “Get email strategy and Mailchimp tutorials”. Let’s just say that a large part of the Mailchimp spam is due to people getting tricked into similar checkboxes that are labelled “get IMPORTANT product updates” etc. However there is another large part of spam where the receipients don’t have any clue how they ended up on these mailing lists.

    And by the way, don’t tell me that more than 1% of the mails you ever got from Mailchimp had any information in them that made your life better or something.

    So in essence, yes, Mailchimp is a spammer platform.

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