I’m now a Certified Mailchimp Pro Partner!!!

I’m now a Certified Mailchimp Pro Partner with certifications in Mailchimp Fundamentals, Email Marketing, and Automations.

Such an exciting day! I feel like I’ve accomplished a huge goal that I worked hard for. Around 11 years ago I applied to be a Mailchimp Expert and was accepted. Since then I’ve sung Mailchimp’s praises and grumbled a few times about its limitations, but no matter what… I ❤️ Mailchimp!

Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Mailchimp’s corporate office. I cried all over Ben Chestnut, Mailchimp’s CEO out of gratitude. After all, being a Mailchimp freelancer is paying all my bills and feeding my family. Mailchimp gives me a fun business.

Amy Hall and Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp.
Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp and a very grateful and weepy me. He was so nice to stop in the hallway after I yelled like a teenage stalker flagged him down.

Lots of people ask me, “Why Mailchimp?”

1. My brain works well with Mailchimp. For some reason, Mailchimp is super intuitive for me. I can do just about anything with Mailchimp.

2. Mailchimp has 65% of the market share in the US. With that much market share, Mailchimp is doing email marketing right.

3. Mailchimp is extremely forward-thinking about technology. They remind me of WordPress, ship fast, and iterate.

While I was at Mailchimp corporate I mentioned this. They explained that their users have used Mailchimp in ways they never saw coming and would have never thought of. So their philosophy is to add a new feature and ask for feedback and then build additional functions and features according to the feedback.

Mailchimp is a one stop shop for marketing for small business. Businesses have one place for all of their marketing chores, from a website, email marketing, social media marketing and even Facebook and Google remarketing ads.

4. Mailchimp is extremely forward-thinking socially. In Atlanta GA where their headquarters is located they champion voting rights, gay rights, and small business issues.

They currently have a $1 million relief fund for developers working with the Mailchimp API during COVID19. Their intention is to take some of the load off the developer so they have time and brain space to create something amazing.

5. They respect and help their Partners. From Partner only customer service reps to a Partner only Slack channel Mailchimp makes sure their Partners are well taken care of.

What does it take to be a Certified Mailchimp Pro Partner?

1. Have 2 certifications

Mailchimp has 3 courses for their Partners, Mailchimp fundamentals, Email Marketing, and Email Automations. To be a partner you only have to get 2 certifications, but I thought it was important to have all 3.

These certifications are good for 1 year. Then I have to go back and recertify all over again. But my knowledge will be up to date with the latest version of Mailchimp.

2. Have paid clients that you’re assisting through the Partner Connect area

I’ve been working with Mailchimp for 11 years and I’ve helped lots of people. Most people I help are free Mailchimp account owners, so it took a little longer to accumulate enough paid accounts.

In the past, I didn’t always connect my account with everyone (I do now, it’s easier that way.)

Want help with your Mailchimp account? Let me know, I’m happy to help and connect with a free 15 minute consult.


  1. Richard Elsom Sr. on October 30, 2020 at 12:13 am

    Thank you for sharing Amy!

    I run a non-profit (Celebration of People, Inc.) that puts on a parade in the spring and do other events, when we can, to celebrate the diversity in people.

    I need to explore new ways to help get the word out and communicate with our many, participants, volunteers and vendors…maybe you can teach this old dog a new trick or two;-)

    Be well Amy!

    • Amy Hall on October 30, 2020 at 9:59 am

      Hi there!!! I’d love to help out any way I can!

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