9 Experts Share Their Formula for Successful Email Marketing

9 Experts Share Their Formula to Successful Email Marketing (1)

I asked 8 of my closest email friends what made for successful email marketing campaigns. Their answers were spot on and right in line with how I think successful email campaigns should be run.

Be consistent and persistent with your email marketing. Make a schedule and stick to it. Decide what type of content you’re going to send and then send it on schedule. Consistency and persistence are key with any type of marketing.

Amy Hall

Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Pro Partner

Send more emails with less content. Too many people send infrequent emails and cram everything into them. Split the content into smaller chunks and send more emails.

Doug Dennison

CEO & Co-founder

Nurture relationships: start by setting the right expectations and being sincere about what, how often and why you’ll write; give attention (to feedback, answers, engagement trends, segmentation criteria that allow you to avoid sending irrelevant messages) before asking for attention; remember that the consent you were given at subscription should not be taken for granted forever, as no relationship should be taken for granted forever.

Alessandra Farabegoli

Digital Strategist, Co-Founder
Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia

Always think from the perspective of the receiver of the email. Try to build an email campaign, which has the feeling for the receiver as a personal email.Through personalisation. Sending mailings based on it’s interest and behaviour. More ‘personal’ interaction will result in customers.

Nick Beuzekamp

CEO and Founder
Online Marketing Bonair

Consistency leads to Trust. Which leads to Loyalty. Which leads to people talking about you at bars and bbq’s. And that where you want to be as word of mouth is still the most trusted form of marketing there is.

Glenn Edley

Director & Email Strategist

As an email marketer, you must always remember that email is a one-to-one conversation. It’s very easy to think in terms of an email “blast” when you’re juggling a lot of projects or messages. But for your subscribers, that email is personal. It’s a conversation that they allow to happen in their inbox. My job is all about remembering that fact and refining the message for the individual user. When you stop thinking about “blasting” your audience and starting thinking about a permission-based conversation, your attitude shifts, and so does your email.

MaryAnn Pfeiffer

Digital Marketing Strategist
108 Degrees Digital Marketing

It’s an email. A message. Don’t overthink and complicate your email campaigns. The simpler is truly better. If you can keep your emails clean, simple and not too long, then that is usually the most effective. And ALWAYS spell check and preview your emails. But ultimately, it’s just an email. We all make mistakes and the good news — you can always send another email.

Emily Ryan

Co-Founder and Email Strategist
Westfield Creative

Deliver relevance.

Adam Q. Holden-Bache

Director of Email Marketing
Enventys Partners

Know the emails you want to send, why you want to send them, and who you want to send them to!… It’s the fundamental building block of any email activity, and yet it’s so easy to forget.

Robin Adams

Chimp Answers

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