Video: Are Your Emails Being Read On Desktops or Mobile Devices?

I received a question from a subscriber asking how they can determine which platform people use to read their emails. Are emails being read on a mobile device or a desktop? (Scroll down under the instructions to see why you should care about this important stat.)

Why does it matter which device people use to read your emails?

Start in your Audience area,  which is this icon with four people. Click on the Audience Dashboard.

 Next click View Contacts, then click Overview

In this overview area, you will see all of the stats for the subscribers of you email list.

Scroll down to Top Email Clients. Here you can see 72% of my opens are on desktops. 42% of my desktop opens are accessing my emails through a Gmail account.

28% of my opens are on mobile devices. It also breakdowns the percentage of opens iPhone and Android devices.

Desktop vs. Mobile Device

I would expect my desktop views to be larger than my mobile views because my audience comes to my website to fix something. They’re looking for an answer to a specific question. And while they’re on my website they sign up for my newsletter.

Because it’s email and Mailchimp related I suspect the people visiting my site are businesses, coaches, freelancers, or solopreneurs that use Mailchimp as their email communication tool. Most times they’re at work, at a desktop trying to solve a problem.

Why does this matter?

The device your emails are read on will give you insight into how your email should be organized and formatted.

Mobile device email issues

Because mobile email views are more likely to be casual viewers, viewing on the go when they have a quiet moment. They need a simple one-column email template with text and images that are easy to see in low light situations and text large enough that it doesn’t require the screen to be pinched and moved around. Learn more about email design for mobile devices in my blog post, “Are they reading your email on a phone?

Downloads can be an issue with mobile users. Data plans and lack of stable wifi connects can keep images from downloading. And where do you find a PDF download ebook on a phone?

Desktop email issues

Desktop readers don’t have the same concerns as mobile readers. They usually have enough light to see the email and they never need to pinch and move the screen. Their emails still need to be easy to read, but they can have a more complicated template with more than one column and text links close together.

People that read with Gmail may have your email land in their Promotions folder, if they enable it. (Only 20% of Gmail readers use tabs, Promotions and Updates. AND Promotions and Updates are part of the Inbox.) So you may need to help people make sure your emails are delivered to their primary folder by giving them instructions on how to whitelist your email in your welcome email.

Hopefully, you find this helpful and you are able to find out what type of device is opening your emails and what readers people are using for your emails. Again, this is for your audience and not campaign specific. There are no campaign-specific stats for devices or email readers.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below.

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