Want to market your business but don't have an email list?

Let's fix that!

Build an email list with Mailchimp in 4 easy steps.

MailChimp free opt-in offer webinar

Just having a blah form with a subscribe button isn't going to build your email list.

You need to give your subscribers something they need so much they're willing to part with their precious email address to get it.

Solve their problems, and they won't be able to type their email address fast enough!

Create a free opt-in offer so delicious it will blow them away.


Feature - Space limited to 6 participants.

One white flag help me I'm stuck session 30 minute call Expires 2/29 (A $79 value)

Unlimited email access during the course. Until 2/29

In this 4-week live webinar, you will learn:

  • Jan 9th - Create a free opt-in PDF that will attract your target market
  • Jan 16th - Add a subscription form with the offer in WordPress or Squarespace
  • Jan 23rd - Create a Mailchimp email template to deliver your free opt-in offer
  • Jan 30th - Add your free opt-in PDF to Mailchimp & create a follow-up email series

Approx 24 hours after the webinar you'll receive a recording.