We offer 4 ways to help you with MailChimp

MailChimp Training and Coaching

Purchase your training and pay your invoice. You'll then receive:

  1. a link to my calendar to schedule your training
  2. your webinar login information


Templates include
  1. Create a responsive and reusable MailChimp template that uses your branding.
  1. Integrate Facebook and Twitter to post the newsletter to your social media accounts.
  1. Add social connect buttons, so your readers can connect with you on social media.
  1. Add video to your template if desired.
  1. Load your first newsletter with content you provide.
  1. Schedule your very first newsletter send.

Template + Training includes
  1. Personalized MailChimp training via webinar.
  1. A recording of the webinar training for reference.

Template, Training + Subscription Form includes
  1. WordPress or Squarespace websites only.
  1. A footer and popup newsletter subscription form with the MailMunch.
  1. Integrate MailMunch and MailChimp so that new subscriber email addresses go directly to MailChimp.

Done for you

À la carte

Miscellaneous Services
Add an Automation Campaign/Nurture Campaign – (depends on how many emails in your campaign)Starts at $25
Blog post to emails campaign creation$65
Clean your list - Cost depends on the number of emails on your listStarts at $60
Email strategy & consulting$150
Email writing servicesContact for pricing
Your free offer added to MailChimp and website$150
Salesforce Integration$360
Add your Welcome Letter$65
Set up and configure your MailChimp account$60
Subscription forms and MailChimp integration with WordPress or Squarespace websites$160
MailChimp account and newsletter audit$150
MailChimp Template$350
MailChimp TrainingStarts at $99
One time projects ( a minimum of 3 hours)Starts at $225
Upload your email list with groups$60

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