Thank you so much for purchasing a MailChimp training!


There are 3 steps to setting up a Training or Mentoring. Once you have completed these 3 steps you'll receive a link to the training webinar.


Step 1: What would you like to learn about MailChimp?

Training Challenges

Step 2: I will need admin access to your MailChimp account.

I like to go into the account prior to the training and get to know it.

You can send your username and password to, or you can add me as an admin.

Here are video instructions on how to add me as an admin.


Step 3: Book your MailChimp training

Choose your time zone, then click on any time to schedule your training.

If you purchased the Training please schedule 60 minutes. If you purchased Mentoring please schedule 90 minutes.

Click the JUMP TO DATE button to select a date up to 4 weeks in advance, or use the forward and back arrows next to the calendar.